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BEE Certification

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was formed under the Ministry of Power in Government of India. In 2010, the government has made it mandatory for certain items to have ratings and labels on its products which specify the performance of the product and help the customers in making right choices before buying such product. The rating given by the BEE indicates a company’s compliance level in BEE. A company or a product having a higher BEE level indicates the standard performance of the company in relation to competition. Company should annually try to achieve the highest BEE rating to increase the market share of its product.

Why a Company Requires BEE Certificate?

A company mainly requires a BEE certificate to prove their BEE status in the market. The certificate is valid for a year and it needs to be renewed every year based on the BEE implementation during the period. It helps the company in both regulatory and promotional activities. In regulatory it sets performance standards for appliances and designs labelling scheme for the same. The star rating on various appliances like AC, refrigerator, Fans, Pumps, Water Heaters, etc. is mandatory required to have BEE rating. It helps in developing norms for energy consumption. In the promotional activity, it helps in creating promotional programs for energy efficiency and to develop testing facilities. It also helps in attracting the customers by achieving the highest level of BEE ratings.

Standards and Label Scheme of BEE

BEE has defined minimum standards for certain products which are required to be fulfilled in order to get a license to sell in Indian markets. As per the respective product category the prescribed standard testing, procedures and rules are required to be compiled to get the right labels from the BEE. These labels are certified marks which are stamped on the product in form of ratings from 1 to 5 which indicated the performance level for each product. For labelling the same, the BEE authority works with technical expert committees, an industry association, consumer organizations, testing laboratories, etc.

BEE Registration Process

BEE registration process has 2 Steps to get the Registration Certificate, first one is to Register the Brand/Company on BEE Portal with necessary documents and Security deposit Fee online and the hard copy of the document to Department to receive the login Credential.
Second step is to submit the product to NABL approved laboratory for producing the BEE Test report as per the product IS standards. After receiving the Test report need to submit the application with all the required documents and Requisite’s fee online. After successful scrutiny of all the document and reports Department Grants the BEE Registration Certificate for a Year.

Authorization of Representatives

For taking the responsibility for BEE registration any executives from Indian OEM/Brand Owner need to be authorize.
For Foreign Manufacturer an Indian Business Company and AIR (Authorized Indian Representatives) need to be authorised through the authorization Letter.

List of Voluntary Appliances/Products Required for BEE Registration

List of Mandatory Appliances/Products Required for BEE Registration

Required Documents Company/Brand Registration

If manufacturer and brand owner is different then we need these additional documents:

Costing and Time Lime

For Costing of BEE Registration Contact with Power India Services with your products details for best quotation.
For Brand Approval: 25-30 Days
For Model Registration: 25-30 Days

Products Covered Under BEE Registration

Voluntary Products in BEE