Trademark Registration

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For Brand name & Logo Registration

A Trademark is a recognizable mark, logo, phrase or emblem that indicates a specific product or service and legally differentiates it from all other products. A Trademark also denotes the ownership of specific registered brand.
The trademark is generally designated by the following symbols:
1. ™ (stands for an unregistered trademark): It should be carried with trademark during registration process.
2. ® (indicates a registered trademark): It should be carried by trademark after issuing of registration certificate.

For the purpose of filing of trademark need the following details:

Trademark Class

What is trademark class?

Trademark is Divided into 45 different classes as per the NICE classification for a trademark, also known as the International Certification of Goods and Services. Each of the trademark classes represents a distinct set of goods and services.
While filing a trademark registration application, it is necessary to do a trademark search to avoid discrepancies. It is essential to choose the right class of the trademark as the mark’s wrong classification can hamper the registration process.
Trademark applications can be filed in more than one class if the business’s activity involves various goods or services falling under different trademark classifications. Further, even if a registered trademark exists under one class, another entity can file a trademark application for the same mark under another class.
Hence, filing of trademark application under one class does not provide complete exclusivity over the mark’s use. Trademark only includes exclusivity for the mark’s use concerning the class of goods or services for which the trademark is registered. Use the trademark class finder tool to find the correct trademark class for your goods or service from over 80,000 goods and services. Among the 45 classes mentioned below, 34 classes come under the Goods section, and 11 classes come under the service section.


Classification of goods and services – Name of the classes

(Parts of an article or apparatus are, in general, classified with the actual article or apparatus, except where such parts constitute articles included in other classes).


Benefits of Trademark Registration

Having a Registered Trademark have lots of Advantages to any Enterprises some of them are below.

Fee Structure:

The government fees for individual applicant is Rs. 4500/- and for non-individual applicant the fees are Rs. 9000/- For more Details, please contact us on: +91 7217698176, +91-9818668176