EPR Authorization Certificate Provider


EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility, and the EPR Certificate is compulsory for Indian Manufacturers or Imported products for E-waste management. EPR Authorization is provided by CPCB or Central Pollution Control Board under MoEFCC, Government of India.

Why Need EPR Authorization?

The objective of EPR Authorization is to recycle the waste back into the system to recover resources from it and protect environment. EPR Authorization is mandatory for electronic & electrical products like laptops, computers, telephones, printers, washing machines, battery, chargers, and many others.

Process of EPR Authorization

Required documents and information for EPRA

Validity of EPRA Authorization

The EPR Authorization Certificate Grants for the 5 Years.

Costing and Timeline for ERA Authorization Certificate

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It takes 6-8 Weeks to get the Granted EPR Certificate.

Products Covered Under EPR Authorization Certificate

Sample Copy of EPR Authorization Certificate

E-Waste Rule 2022

E-WasteM Rule 2016

Products Covered Under EPR Authorization