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The Government e Marketplace (GeM) platform was launched on 9 th August, 2016 as an online, end to end solution for procurement of commonly used goods and services for all Central Government and State Government Ministries, Departments, Public Sector Units (PSUs) and affiliated bodies.

Scope of Operations for the GeM Platform

There are three facets to defining the scope of operations for the GeM platform:

  1. Who are the customers (both buyers and sellers) that GeM platform will cater to
  2. What will be the goods and services offered on the GeM platform
  3. How shall the GeM platform operate to execute the aforementioned ‘Who’ and ‘What’


GeM has been conceptualized with the aim of reforming public procurement in the country. The GFR 2017 mandates all Ministries or Departments to procure Goods and Services available on GeM from GeM. GeM aims to replicate the offline market on its online platform to create an open market that bring together sellers across the board ranging from established brands to MSEs, individual suppliers, suppliers of innovative products and services and artisans. GeM shall permit any seller, registered in India in accordance with prevalent laws and regulations, manufacturing or marketing genuine goods/ services to sell on GeM.


GeM has been conceived as a platform for the sale and purchase of commonly used goods and services. The spectrum of goods and services procured by the Government is very wide. The goods procured by the Government range from highly standardized goods like A4 printing paper, printing cartridges and electronic goods like printers and laptops to highly specialized goods like drilling equipment and medical equipment. Similarly, for services, the spectrum ranges from standard services such as security services, chauffeur services and gardening services to a more complex set of specialized services such as consulting services and engineering services. While GeM shall seek to cater to all the buyer needs for goods and services that are commonly used, it shall build its goods and services offering in a staged manner. GeM shall prioritize those goods and services to be supported in the short term that have a low level of customization, are more standardized and have larger transaction volumes in the public procurement domain. As the GeM platform matures, it shall support goods and services requiring higher degree of complexity. At the same time, the GeM platform shall clearly define the set of goods and services that the platform shall never cater to constituting the exclusion list. This shall include goods that are highly specialized and limited to very niche buyer segment, such as defence equipment, and services like mining services.


The GeM platform shall be an open marketplace and shall focus solely on being a platform for Government buyers to meet sellers and conduct business. It shall neither own the goods and services sold through the platform nor own the supply and logistics of goods and services transacted on it. The GeM platform shall be a trustbased portal where the buyer shall hold the responsibility to ensure value for money and timely payment in any purchase made and the seller shall hold the responsibility to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all information shared, the quality of products and services sold and the timeliness of the delivery.

Key Features Supported by the GeM Platform

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